A new report by British writer/producer Stephen Follows has revealed damning statistics about gender equality in the film industry. The report, entitled “Gender in Film Crews,” analyzed data from 2,000 blockbuster films since 1994 to look at the distribution of roles in film crews between men and women.

According to the report, just 22.6% of all film crew positions are held by women. Women only make up the majority of positions in traditionally female departments such as costume and make-up. Furthermore, women are severely underrepresented in key creative roles: for example, women make up only 5% of all directors on blockbuster films since 1994.

"It’s terrifying. Every time I did a small bit of research I couldn’t believe how unrepresentative the industry was," Follows told The Guardian. “Honestly, when I first saw quite how big the divide was, how overwhelming it was, I went back and did my research again just to double check.”

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Open Culture digs up T.S. Eliot’s illustrated cover for Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats – later famously illustrated by the great Edward Gorey – and the author’s handwritten, hand-drawn manuscripts.

Pair with J.R.R. Tolkien’s illustrations for the original edition of The Hobbit and E.B. White’s rare illustrated manuscripts for Charlotte’s Web.

And are you reading the always-stimulating Open Culture? Okay, good.

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