“Ferris Bueller” TV Series Pilot

Drew sent me this yesterday, and I’ve been watching it on a constant loop ever since. There are just way too many questions to list here… but here’s a few of them: He knows about the movie? He hasn’t met Sloan? He likes to paint names yellow? (via listgenerator/waderandolph)

“Hey, we’ve got a character named Ferris Bueller that everyone in America loves. The movie he was in was a huge hit and we want to create a television show based on it. How do we establish a connection in the audience’s mind so that they love the unlikable used-car salesman-esque teenager that we’ve cast to play this character in the show?”

“Let’s have him be aware of the popular actor who portrayed the character, and the movie itself, and then he’ll cut off the actor’s head on a cardboard cutout and denounce the film.”

“It’s perfect. You’re a genius!” -Guy who then went on to create CBS’ “Uncle Buck” Tv Series.

This is amazing(ly uncomfortable to watch).

Pullquote that gets to the heart of how terrifying this is: “This is television. This is real.”


Is that Jennifer Aniston ?!?!?!